Profile Image Model

Profile Image Model

To build out the ProfileImage model for the application, we need to consider that based on our application requirement, a standalone user, user in a team, and a team can have a profile image.

We can define the ProfileImage model like this:

model ProfileImage {
    fields {
        path Text @unique
        user User?
        team Team?
    actions {
        get getImage(id) {
            @permission(expression: ctx.identity == profileImage.user.identity)
        list listImages() {
            @where(ctx.identity == profileImage.user.identity)
        delete deleteImage(id)
        write uploadImageToCloudinary(UploadImageInput) returns (
        actions: [get, delete, list],
        expression: profileImage.user.identity == ctx.identity or ctx.identity in
message UploadImageInput {
    base64Image Text
    userId ID
message UploadImageResponse {
    path Text

In the model, we have specified a path field which takes in the image path/link, a user field which links to the User and optionally, the Team models respectively. We have defined the following operations for the model:

  • getImage - This takes in the id and returns the image with the corresponding ID
  • listImages - This returns all the images connected to the User or Team
  • deleteImage - This takes in the image id and deletes the record from the database.

As you may have noticed, we are not using the create operation explicitly in the model, we are handling this with a function. Keel has support for executing operations with custom functions (opens in a new tab).