0.374 (18 Dec 2023)

18 December, 2023

These changes have been released with version 0.374 of the CLI.

Starting a new project with keel init

The keel init command guides you through setting up a new project from scratch. It also supports templates, which means you can get started with a working Keel schema and functions.

keel init

These starter templates can be found at https://github.com/teamkeel/starter-templates (opens in a new tab). We only support one template for the moment.

Support for creating nested records with functions

Up to now we have supported creating nested records for built-in actions. We have now extended support of this feature to functions!

Take this schema, for example.

model Author {
  fields {
    name Text
    books Book[]
  actions {
    create createAuthor(name, books.title) @function
model Book {
  fields {
    author Author
    title Text

The following API request will now create both the author and the linked book record.

// POST /api/json/createAuthor
  "name": "Emily Bronte",
  "books": [
      "title": "Wuthering Heights"

Fixes and Improvements

We've also released a bunch of fixes and improvements (opens in a new tab) to our CLI and to our VS Code extension.

For any issues or feedback, please visit the support channel on our community discord (opens in a new tab) or contact us at help@keel.so.

Thank you for using Keel!