0.379 (12 Feb 2024)

12 February, 2024

These changes have been released with version 0.379 of the CLI.

Keel on NPM

We have moved the Keel CLI to NPM (opens in a new tab)!

This does mean that we will no longer be updating the Homebrew tap with new versions of the CLI.

Let's get set up.

Remove Homebrew

First, let's remove the Homebrew installation of Keel.

$ brew uninstall keel
$ brew untap teamkeel/homebrew-keel

Install Keel from NPM

Next, let's install Keel from NPM.

npm install -g keel

Let's see if it all worked. If you run the following command, you should see the ouput of v0.379.1

$ keel -v

Keel on Windows

Keel is now supported on Windows. And with our move to NPM, installation is a piece of cake.

Fixes and Improvements

We've also released some other fixes and improvements (opens in a new tab) to the CLI, Console Tools, and VS Code extension.

⚠️ Upcoming Breaking Changes

The built-in action authenticate() will be deprecated by the next release (earliest 19th February). Please migrate to using the Password authentication flow.

Next steps

For any issues or feedback, please visit the support channel on our community Discord (opens in a new tab) or contact us at help@keel.so.

Thank you for using Keel!