Database API

Keel provides an elegant, type-safe Model API for interacting with your models; reach for that first before considering using the low level database API.

If you need to write more complex queries where you directly control the SQL being generated, we expose an instance of the type-safe JavaScript / TypeScript query builder Kysely (opens in a new tab) via our SDK package:

import { GetPost, useDatabase } from "@teamkeel/sdk";
export default GetPost(async (ctx, inputs) => {
  const db = useDatabase();
  const post = await db
    .where("createdAt", ">=", new Date(2020, 1, 1))
  return post;

Column and table names are represented in snake_case at the database level, but lowerCamelCase casing should be used when referencing column and table names when building queries (such as createdAt above), as Kysely will automatically convert the casing from the former to the latter.

For more information see the Kysely documentation (opens in a new tab)