0.376 (17 Jan 2024)

17 January, 2024

These changes have been released with version 0.376 of the CLI.

Local Console support

We have shipped live Console (opens in a new tab) support for local CLI development! 🚀

This means that all the rich tooling previously only available to your hosted environments can now be used when running your Keel project locally (i.e. when using keel run). This includes the operate tools, database viewer, API explorer, schema visualiser, and monitoring.

And it's really easy. Run your local Keel project with keel run, go to https://console.keel.so/ (opens in a new tab), choose the Local project option in your projects list, and TA-DA - all the Console tooling at your fingertips!

Local Environment

Fixes and Improvements

We've also released a bunch of fixes and improvements (opens in a new tab) to our CLI and to our VS Code extension.

For any issues or feedback, please visit the support channel on our community discord (opens in a new tab) or contact us at help@keel.so.

Thank you for using Keel!